A Father's Place along with Family Outreach of Horry County created a program for pregnant and parenting young adults. Parents On Point is a community-based program that works to meet the needs of young parents in Horry County. With a diverse group of local partners, this program connects parents to resources in their community, teaches them parenting skills, encourages them to finish their education, and educates them on family planning.

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Family Outreach

Family Outreach is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing poverty, child
abuse and neglect in Horry County by building strong families and happy, healthy home environments for babies and children. We accomplish this by reducing teen pregnancy, while increasing positive parenting education and self-sufficiency.

As a nonprofit organization, FOHC works with clients from all backgrounds, ages and circumstances, providing personalized emotional support and education.

FOHC’s main goals are to:

  • Prevent teen pregnancy and transmission of STDs/HIV.
  • Deliver education and support programs for young parents and pregnant teens.
  • Help young parents and families provide homes in which their children can grow and thrive.
  • Be a resource of information and services to young families throughout the county.
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A Father's Place

Dads make a difference. And yet, too many dads today are not involved in their children's lives. Not because they do not want to be involved but things have simply gone wrong. Relationships with their children's mother have become strained, jobs have failed, and life has gotten complicated and disappointing. Too often, fathers missed the best instructor of
all: their own fathers as a positive role model.

A Father's Place is here to help because we care about fathers and their families. A Father's Place is the only non-profit with more than ten years of experience in the Waccamaw region whose sole mission is to help fathers overcome the barriers to being a responsible and
involved father. We are located in Conway, Myrtle Beach and Georgetown, South Carolina. We also serve fathers from surrounding counties including Williamsburg, Florence, Marion, and Dillon.

Our staff understands fathers and families and is among some of the most experienced and knowledgeable fatherhood practitioners in our state. We serve approximately 200 fathers each year and there is room for more. In addition to supporting fathers and families, we are a resource to businesses seeking employees ready-to-work and community organizations who want to learn more about father absence and engaging fathers.

Our program is sustained through the generous support of community organizations and individuals and government partnerships. We are a part of a network of fatherhood programs reaching all across the state which is supported and coordinated by the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families.

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The Dad's cave is a place where young fathers can come to relax and learn.
Located at A Father's Place in Conway, this area offers fathers a place to grow.

Contact Information

Mother's Contact: 

Sherry Coutain - (843) 234-2350


Father's Contact:

Jonathan Bennett - (843) 450-4055


Mother's Contact

Father's Contact