A Father's Place along with Family Outreach of Horry County created a program for pregnant and parenting young adults. Parents On Point is a community-based program that works to meet the needs of young parents in Horry County. With a diverse group of local partners, this program connects parents to resources in their community, teaches them parenting skills, encourages them to finish their education, and educates them on family planning.

To be eligible for services you must be:

Ages 24 and Under

Pregnant or Parenting Mother or Father

A Resident of Horry County

Services May Include:

Parenting & Co-Parenting Classes

Parenting Support Groups

Career Planning

Health & Family Planning Services

Links to Local Resources

Prenatal, Child birth  & Infant Care Education

Repeat Pregnancy Prevention

Healthy Relationships

Legal Education, Rights & Responsibilities

Contact Information

Mother's Contact: 

Sherry Coutain - (843) 234-2350


Father's Contact:

Jonathan Bennett - (843) 450-4055


Mother's Contact

Father's Contact